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Mad Wave's high-quality adjustable BELT FOR TRAINING has been designed to deliver the safest swim in the pool or at the beach!
RM 119.90
Mad Wave's EGG TRAINER has been designed to improve your freestyle technique and eliminate the risk of injury by decreasing stroke resistance in the water.
RM 199.90
Mad Wave's HIP ROTATOR Trainer has been specially designed to improve your stroke technique
RM 83.80
Expander is ideal for training and warming up muscle. It can be used in any sport. Extremely compact
RM 41.40
Improve grip, fixes hand in optimal position.
RM 119.90
Drag bag help to improve your swimming skills during training.
RM 39.90
The Mad Wave Snorkel Trainer allows swimmers the ability to focus on stroke technique without the interruption of turning your head to breath.
RM 149.90
For upper-body technique development.
RM 59.90