Mad Wave is the first Russian sports swimming brand. It was launched in 2003 in Saint Petersburg. Mad Wave creates wide and balanced range of textiles and equipment for sports swimming as well as for diving and beach rest. The company slogan is “dissecting waves” that symbolises aspiration and moving to the purpose despite obstacles and underlines link of a brand with water sorts of sports and rest. The company logo represented  as capital letters of the name of brand M and W characters are stylised in a wave ripple filled with wind. Trade mark Mad Wave is registered in Russian Federation and the CIS and in the European Union, the USA, China and Latin America.

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Support for learning to swimming for beginner. Suitable for all ages.
RM 39.90
Mad Wave's KICK TRAINER has been designed to help improve swimming technique by adding supplementary resistance to the kick action.
RM 89.90
Long 6 meter Cord Stretchable up to 20 meters with safety cord inside preventing tear.
RM 399.90
Hydrodynamic design for the best contact with water. Unique shape copy the hand. Flow holes aquatick sensitivity.
RM 59.90
Mad Wave's DOLPHIN MONOFIN has been developed to help maximize the power of butterfly kick and to improve overall flexibility of swimmers.
RM 209.90
Helps to build upper body strength and improve technique.
RM 59.90
The Mad Wave Snorkel Trainer allows swimmers the ability to focus on stroke technique without the interruption of turning your head to breath.
RM 149.90
Rubber Training Fins made of 100% silicone, allows natural motion of the foot while swimming.
RM 99.90